• Grepolis Wheel of Battle

    In this event your cities are preparing to wage epic battles, engaging in honorable combat in the name of the gods. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed! The gods have assigned Tyche to shower the bravest soldiers with riches. Show your dedication to the gods and Tyche's fortune shall smile upon you! The event will run from December 7th to December 22nd.

  • Grepolis Sparta Vs Hades 2021

    Starting November 16th , you will be able to prove your skill as a commander of a mighty Spartan army.

  • Grepolis Incantation Circle 2021

    Starting October 19th till November 8th you can participate in Incantation Circle 2021!

Hall of fame

  • Hall of fame
  • The Hall of Fame lists the best players and alliances on each game world. Only those who improve their warfare prowess and have a well thought-out, strategic approach to fight their enemies will be able to claim their place in the Hall of Fame.

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