• Grepolis Daylights Savings time is ending

    Sunday November 5, 2017 marks the end of Daylight Savings Time. That morning, at 2 am the clock will go backwards to 1 am. This means that there will be 25 hours in the day. As usual, the game will not give any indication as to whether an attack will arrive in Winter time or daylight savings time. All troop movements and actions should be calculated as usual, meaning that once the time change happens, actions that were started previously may have a one hour offset. Due to the time change there might be duplicate or confusing times listed on reports so keep that in mind.

  • Grepolis Update to 2.148

    On Wednesday Grepolis will update to version 2.148. There will be changes to the morale system on the US. Please bear with us for the short downtime while we do the update.


Hall of fame

  • Hall of fame
  • The Hall of Fame lists the best players and alliances on each game world. Only those who improve their warfare prowess and have a well thought-out, strategic approach to fight their enemies will be able to claim their place in the Hall of Fame.

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